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Kobey Seale, AIA, LEED AP 


Growing up and playing with matchbox cars, Kobey developed a fascination with creating cities and drawing perspectives of buildings, early on. “I loved the idea of drawing, building models, and getting to be creative while being a problem solver.” Finding influences in the built and unbuilt environment around him, Kobey is inspired to create better spaces that are beautiful, functional and on a budget.


Big, small or complicated, there is always a new problem to solve; that is what excites Kobey, everyday. He loves to take people’s ideas and create designs that are better than imagined by designing the details, thinking harder and designing further. “Its a cool feeling to start with a few lines on a blank sheet of paper and see it come to life as a living building.”

mckinney texas architects, Home Design, Residential Architects, Architects in Dallas tx

​Eric Ciskowski, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP ​


LEGOS, and his father, piqued Eric’s fascination with all types of construction and drawings, as a child.“My father first taught me how to draw an isometric drawing of a house, while all my friends were drawing two-dimensional elevation views.” When Eric was in the 4th grade, his father, whose work in construction inspired Eric, said he should be an architect. “Since then, I never looked back.”


It makes sense that Eric is most excited about the construction phase of projects, but the details and coordination are what he finds the most important. “I believe the details really make a successful project.” Eric puts thought and effort into every corner of a space, coordinating the details with the engineers or contractors, examining how two different architectural materials come together, or making sure there is enough wall space for the owner's art. All of this is part of Eric’s desire to work as a team and coordinate to see a project go from an idea to a finish product that will excite people for countless years to come.


​Caitlin Dettling  ​AIA

project architect

It wasn't until she experienced the work of Mies Van der Rohe, that Caitlin knew she wanted to be an architect. Caitlin felt calm around the reasoning and work of Van der Rohe, and she wanted to help shape spaces that made others feel something too, but "hopefully not bad, though!"


Gaining experience through past firms, school, and being influenced by mentors and a minimalist approach of "less is more," Caitlin joined the Conduit team in 2017. She enjoys the middle  ground  between  engineering and artistry of her work, " You're basically using logic and rationale to generate a beautiful solution for the client."  She's excited when everything is organized and lines up just right; from room placements to finishes. When all the spaces are appropriate and flow with each other, that is when Caitlin is excited and proud of her work. Caitlin makes sure to learn something new from everything she is working on, "I want to keep absorbing different ways to solve the problems around me."   


​Christopher Bravo


Christopher always liked to know how things work and how they are constructed, so this led to his interest in all things architecture and design. He went to support a friend who was going to study architecture at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico School of Architecture, yet Christopher was the one who ended up getting degrees in architecture and photography and moving to the U.S. with his wife to follow his dreams. 

Christopher spent three and a half years in the high-end residential design business before joining the Conduit team. He knew he wanted to have a significant impact on society and the environment around him, so he changed course. “Every part of architecture and design is important, but my favorite part of working on a project is when all of the pieces start coming together. From the original concept to something real and concrete.”


Kassidy Ballard

office/marketing coordinator

Introducing Kassidy, our office and marketing coordinator who adds a dynamic touch to our team. With a strong client-focused and marketing background with degrees from Oklahoma State University, Kassidy brings a fresh perspective and innovative ideas.


Despite her unfamiliarity with architecture, she quickly grasped the intricacies of the industry. Kassidy's exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail ensure the smooth operation of our office, while her creative flair and marketing expertise contribute to our growth. With Kassidy's commitment to excellence, Conduit is well-prepared for success in the ever-evolving world of design.

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