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                                                                                TUPPS Brewery

Located at an existing granary just outside of downtown McKinney, the new TUPPS project is positioned to become one of the most popular spots in McKinney. The 4.3 acre site will be home to their new 24,230 sf brewing facility, 10,620 sf taproom, 8,500 sf barrel aging, site includes multiple beer gardens, sculptures, concert lawn, event spaces, and kids and adult play areas. This is a joint project with the City of McKinney, McKinney Community Development Corporation, and TUPPS Brewery to provide the neighboring community with park and event space while providing a new home for TUPPS Brewery to continue to expand and stay in McKinney. In keeping with the TUPPs brand of authenticity and “roachy style”, the new home is set to celebrate its origins as an industrial granary and will be reusing much of the existing equipment and materials as decorative elements throughout the site and facilities. 

Aerial image credit: Aerial Photography, Inc. 

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